I mean, in theory yes of COURSE it’ll be great if your partner/flatmate/someoneotherthanyou actually took the actual trash out (also — not American but trash sounds way more like, TRASH doesn’t it) but when it comes to actually taking your actual garbage out (ok last one..) then this has to be up to you.
So let’s see life on a daily basis. You wake up and you’re given with each day a tank full to the brim of energy! Some day’s a little less or whatever but a tank none the less.
You open your eyes, grab your backpack from the side of the bed and it on to start the day.. Even Arney himself would be ticked off by carrying around a weighted backpack around by midday and yet as humans we concentrate on the past AKA all that old stuff in your bag and carry it around all day!
Truth is, those items were once made. They exist, like you past but you can’t turn back time.. We have to learn to accept and leave it behind.

Just like the trashy trash trash; Carry it around, it’ll only get stinkier.
Once you’ve taken it out, it’s out and you haven’t waited to see if anyone else has taken it out for you - saves you disappointment trying to fill the void with someone else hey.

There is nothing more WORSE than wasting your tank of energy on something you can’t control, like the past.
You can only control the future so put your energy in to that.

I know it’s not easy, believe me I speak from experience and an ongoing journey of self-sabotage but with meditation, affirmations and reconditioning, working on true self-love will give you acceptance and peace in the life you have lived.

You’ll reserve the energy on hope and a direction in your life with understanding that as a humans, we all struggle and we all have a past.
You’ll simply be able to leave your house, knowing that maybe yes there might be a leaky tap waiting for you when you get in but you can look forward, leave your house as light as a feather and think about the next step;
Today’s small and digestible goals.. smash work, get the money to fix tap.. but go out dreaming of a whole new bathroom!

human’s and the stars..