How you survive in lockdown 2.0 really is up to you.

How’re you using your time? Now I know what you’re thinking already.
Em, I really don’t need a lecture right now! Truth is, there is a positive in this and that is we really won’t ever get to experience a time in which we can finally slow down and rejig things — without the pressure. Perhaps you want to use this time to truly do nothing but be.. That’s okay but you know what? You may not want to hear this but life is happening now and also will in the future.

What you do today will result in what happens tomorrow.

You could really use this opportunity to not only save some money, have some rest to reboot but honestly? It could change your life.

Let that sit with you for just a moment. How can it?
I know, I know, some may question that they feel out of control with their own head perhaps; ‘Do you think it’s my choice that I lie in a ball on my kitchen floor crying my eyes out?
You’re going to hate me but I’m going to say, yes. Now of course, you are human, but by being defeated from our mental health struggles and either ignoring them or not addressing them in better ways you will become and surround yourself with that struggle.
You’ll effectively become it.
How are you reacting to your life at the moment? .

What we are going through is something we are collectively going through together.

Now I’m going to be your best bud here and tell you yes, it’s okay to slow down, pause, rethink, if that’s how you work best for you and you know that as a result you are then rejuvenated and ready, do that.

We all have to cope, right? But in which ways do you choose to cope?
Something that I have found very hard to shrug off this year is when I truly feel defeated and not willing, I will occupy my thoughts with distractions and consume pointless content as a means to escape from it.
That doesn’t change my situation but it temporarily masks it.
We all have ways in which we cope, is yours literally something to be proud of?
A lot of the time mine isn’t and you know what?
Change nothing, nothing changes.
Whilst we have a bit more time to ourselves as well as pandemic on our hands you need to take life in bite sizes for now, but be sure they’re bite sizes of nutrition! (love that one for me, I know.. ha!)

Start with a podcast: Effort level: Medium
Whether that’s starting one of your own or avidly sticking to one or two as part of your daily routine. If you’re opting to take on your own podcast, maybe you could collaborate with a friend who has similar points of interest on a topic? I’ve thought about starting one on numerous occasions and they’re relatively easy to start too!
For now I strongly recommend the following podcasts that YOU NEED in your life.

My personal favourite — Manifestation Babe
“Get ready to have the time of your life and gather all the tools, strategies, and techniques to radically uplevel your life.”

I can’t recommend a podcast more than this one. I don’t know if it just came in to my life at the exact time I needed it but it saved me from a very dark place in the last few months. I wish I could thank Katherin myself.

The podcast everyone needs — The Joe Rogan Experience
(He has) found success in just about every venture he has set his mind to in his professional career, and now enjoys an enviable lifestyle as a modern-day renaissance man preaching the gospel of hard work and perseverance”

When I was recommended to listen to an episode of his, I didn’t really give it much of a chance due to guests being quite unknown to me. I didn’t realise the absolute mistake of this until a couple of episodes in and I’m working harder than I have in months ha! See the following article for the best episodes —

The podcast for easy listening.. Almost 30
“The #ALMOST30NATION community is a group of purposeful dreamers who make magic. We dream it and then do it — together. Every day we reinvent what’s possible for women all over the world.

One of my best friends in LA recommended this one! She described as being a place in where you instantly feel less lonely. It’s like being with your pals, what’s not to love about that? I think when some podcast’s can be quite weighted in subject matters (for instance MB above can be quite hard-going). Starting out somewhere light and positive can really help!

Take up an exercise challenge to start your day: Hard (ish — but start of with walks or a routine of 3 times a week)
Exercise is crucial. It not only gives you motivation to start your day, leading to better food choices, feeling productive and leaving you feeling a bit brighter about your body and it’s strength but also it’s incredibly important for your brain’s function. You can’t lose when it comes to an exercise routine and there are literally so many online that are free and easy to follow.
I absolutely love the Chloe Ting work outs as well as Joe Wicks — both on youtube!

Organise your space: Easy
Having an organised and cosy space will ease the stress from life right now because you’ll feel like you are in a safe place and find the comforts in being at home. As someone with ADD it was difficult for me to be able to accept I’ll be stuck in my room. for most of the time. I’ve painted my room to a soft orange for warmth, organised clothes and my surroundings and bought a SAD light for my seasonal depression.

Create a manageable to-do self care list: Easy
To-do lists are brilliant to set in to your routine, even if you jot down little accomplishments just to tick off. Subconsciously this will trigger an accomplishment signal to your brain and boost your morel!
Not only in work but a self-care list would also be good to adopt to your routine. You can stick it up on a mirror for instance!

A new skill perhaps? (Debatable)
I decided to use this lockdown for creativity (as work is very uncertain) so to split my time of job hunting and (trying to) write my novel.

I really thought about how I was using my time suddenly after reading
You are a badass by Jen Sincero.
So I have also decided to get back in to my art. I’ve made a personalised doll and draw and paint most nights which I would instead be out with friends
It’s a good time to create face-time events with friends and you can both learn a skill together! I face timed my friend the other day and we both painted something for each other and at the end of the call, showed each other.
It was such a lovely hour of my time as well as productive..

And something to do right now?

…The 100 life goals challenge! What it says on the tin! Get a pen and paper and no matter how small or large, write down 100 of your life goals, stick the up somewhere where you can see them and insure you get through it!
Truth is, all of these are commitments and result in accomplishments. See them through, invest in your body and mind and feed your brain with confidence from your active actions!

But for now, wha you do with this time is life. I just thought of a line for you and I’ll leave it at that.
Taking action today will result in a better tomorrow. Because tomorrow? Will always come.

human’s and the stars..