I’m obsessed with wanting to be a badass

Currently inspired by the book ‘You are a badass by Jen Sincero’

Vision this, I’ve bought a brand new bike, an orange, shiny and very fast, cool bike. I mean you get it.. the BEST bike ever. I invested. It was made just for me – proper personalised.
It’s a sunny day.. or a rainy day? It doesn’t even matter because I am well equipped because I’ve planned my bike ride out from the start.
I know that it can be rubbish out there sometimes but don’t you worry, these bad boy wheels have grip for days.
I’m riding along right, not entirely quite sure where but are moving so love that for me and yeah ok it’s raining a little but I’m alright with it you know.
Okay, now I’m soaked. But don’t you worry.. I mean.. I’ve still kind of like.. got this? Wait.. fog.. I, um.. BAM!
OUCH. Someone has pushed me off! Or did I fall off? I don’t even know because all I know is that it bloody hurt and my head hurts and wait where the hell am I?
Hey?’ — I can hear a voice but I’m too busy looking down at my knee that’s scratched to bits!
Heyyy?’ — who the hell is that?
I have a first aid kit!’ — ouchhh.. where am I?
It’s blurry but Jen Sincero is in front of me but I’m paying <little> attention as she stands in front of me holding out a box that states
The first aid kit that will fix your knee
‘I insist.. let me help you Emily
’ Jen smiles.
It still bloody hurts though! I panic..
Will I be able to walk? To ride? Oh no, oh no!
‘Take a deep breathe’ Jen replies gently
I look around, It’s blurry but time slows down, the fog clears even just a tiny bit. Jen looks around with me too..
See, you’re OK..’ Jen smiles again, I looked at her bright yellow coat as she stood up, picking my bike up from the ground and sitting it on its stand.
I want that coat, I note. She wears it well.
It’s quite the scratch!’ She takes a look and kneels down again to my level
‘But I can help you’.

You see, Jen Sincero and her book turned up in to my life at exactly the right time.
Truth is, when I fell off my bike I was lost. Life throws curve balls at us whether that is someone pushing you off your bike or you fall off you can’t expect to always be prepared for them, no matter how equipped you are.
In that moment all I could see was this blooded scratch and the pain I was in. I had tools around me, a first aid box so to speak.. to guide me through if I just take a few moments to see beyond the scratch AKA life and it’s struggles.

The thing is, life isn’t about finding this thunderbolt of lighting moment where finally you have something in life that gives you the ultimate happiness, a s*** ton of money and all of the rest of those apparent perfect thingy dings.
Life is about being on your bike.. Enjoying the view, and for sure, don’t hold back.. it’s fun! riding through puddles, racing down hills with the wind in your hair with the sun that kisses your skin.
If you fall off, get back on again.. If your bike has broken, walk.
Just move with it!
For me, there are thousands of self-help books but Jen, Jen speaks to you more like a pal, a pal/mother/therapist that is.
I pick her up when I need those pressing reminders that I sometimes forget about during winter bike rides and it’s horrendous weather plans because honestly? We are all going through one hell of a year but remember - we are riding along on our bikes together!
Don’t start racing the person next to you, whether they’re faster or slower <comparison is a f***> instead just remember, you’re not alone.
Enjoy the green grass, the little old couple on a park bench cuddling.. the sunset, the view. And you know what? Embrace the fog.. slow down, get off and walk. I know it isn’t always that simple but just take the pressure off and don’t let it build up. It’s just looking around you I suppose, making sure everything is in tact.

I’ll leave you with two classic quotes from both my mum and my dad who helped me learn to ride a bike in the first place..

Mums: ‘Don’t wait for the storm to past, learn how to dance in the rain!’
Dads: (Me being a sulky teenager — Urghhh, it’s raining!) My dad ‘Well let’s just be happy for the flowers and tree’s then!

human’s and the stars..