Well, human beings rule, skin cells that heal, two thousand taste buds and get this, did you know that the skull alone has 29 different bones?! As well as our insanely wonderful humanly traits we also have our faults that truly suck and inturn completely hold us back..

How many lighthearted motivational pep talk articles do you have to click on to actually get on with it? In reality, it’s bloody hard isn’t it? ’ — however, I will mention that you’re in luck! Because the more you adopt this attitude, the more it’ll be come you — even if you have to pretend at first.

Let’s talk about short and long term.. Short is now called Bill and Long, Bob. Hey Bill and Bob, you guys just lost a bet and we have now entered you in to the London marathon! Woo!

So Bill and Bob are in the training ground. Same everything. After a lap Bill is tired and has a stitch, Bob does too.. Bill stops.

Bill and Bob both face the same problem.

“My stitch hurts, I don’t think I can do this” Says Bill Short.

Bill Long doesn’t say anything. Bill is just thinking about how he will feel going over the finishing line so instead he slow’s his pace.

Bill continues on ahead in front and Bill sit’s down. He can’t compete with Bill.

Truth is he can, they both started out with the same time fitness with the same end goal but Bill had a different mindset.

Is this working here? If it isn’t, let me save you. Bill Short thinks too much about the short term of a goal and Bob Long? Well Bob Long skims over how he feels short term and instead focuses on the long term.

If you try and stop concentrating on the short term and instead imagine yourself and how you’ll feel in the end of it all, it becomes a lot more desireable to accomplish — shut your eyes for 5 minutes and put yourself in that position. How do you feel?

It’s also time

We never have ‘enough time’

For me, I’ve wrote up a lot of a story I’ve been working on since last year and I keep meaning to work on it, even in lockdown — perfect opportunity! and alas I’m yet to finish. I didn’t have enough time. But did I? I was working out more, studying some subjects I’ve never been able too, enjoying simply being able to rest a little. Could I have made time?

You will always have enough time for an accomplishment if you want it enough.

“Anything worth having in life isn’t easy.” — From a toned stomach, to a finished novel. The magical existence of life wasn’t ever suppose to be easy and heck, we wouldn’t want it to be! The struggle’s and problems we face are the factors that we are going to grow from and learn about ourselves.

You do have time. You make time for it.

Pull away from the drive way, and drive it towards it’s destination; deal with the bumps in the road until you get there.

I’ve always been quote envious of those who lead quite content and straight forward lives. Those who don’t really dream and need escapism. I’m terrible for it! I get bored easily and I’m very restless, which moves me on to my next point..

Your assumption of yourself.

This is definitely something I struggle with but for sure I am working on. Straight up, work on changing all of those bad points you tell yourself you do/are will change your perception of yourself dramatically.

For example, I depended a lot on my ex partner but when we broke up I broke that dependance before I could even think about Mr Fear who came with it.

I travelled alone.

I didn’t even let myself think about anything but how I felt in that moment on a plane, me, myself and I.

It’s in the language too.. If you tell yourself ‘I’m always late..” You’ll always be late. Even if you have to pretend.. I’ve done this a lot too. To people I barely know I would say to them ‘Ah I’m disciplined when I work at home, Let’s work together at mine!” — I might not be but I will most certainly show her that I am and alas, I’m good at working at home after all!

No to Comfort zone..

You always hear of those telling you to get out of your comfort zone, as simple as it sounds, this is how you learn about the world around you. It’s okay to prefer your routine like, staying in and having an evening to yourself after work. But most nights? Maybe you enjoy it and that’s that. You enjoy it because it’s what you know. But chances are you’ll miss out on some cracking stories from friends of friends in the pub— what’s wrong with learning a trick or two? It can be very eye-opening and you could also learn a lot about yourself by being around others. You may just speak to someone who can become someone very special in your life. You’ll never know if you’re living the same moments over and over at home that’s for sure.

Again, people..

Your environment around you strongly impacts your own life. If you’re friends with someone who sits around, cancels plans and stresses out, then it’s projected on to you and becomes your problem. Now I’m certainly not saying to turn your back on a friend who is having a hard time but definitely question who you spend your time around. If someone makes you feel loved, encouraged and inspired then they’re someone you should be spending your time around.

Ultimately and without a doubt, hard work always pays off! Whether that’s the ability to say no to friends who are going to a party but you need to set some time to mediate and work on your podcast or simply saying yes to a dance class with two left feet!

Let me leave you with a simple quote and we all know that I LOVE a quote..

(altered for relation to article)

“Alarm — ‘I have to go to work’ Urgh, As a human being I have to get up and work hard. Why am I complaining? I’m working, I’m doing what I was born to do? Or was I created to hide under a blanket? — Marcus Aurelius

With the struggles of any journey, always remember why this feels hard right now. It’s suppose to. It’s because you’re changing something. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and you’re working out what works here.

You aren’t here to exist, you’re here to live!

Get out of that blanket and struggle at something! When that struggle comes around, embrace it because you’ve just leaped over that stepping stone and you should feel nothing but to be proud!

human’s and the stars..