So say, you’ve got a couple of sunflower seed in your hand. They’re tiny specs in comparison to the rest of your garden but you’ve got it there none the less.. There you are, gardening gloves on and you’re ready to put Alan Titchmarsh to shame. You need a watering can, a lot of glistening sunlight and pouring rainfalls.. oh and a lot of patience too. With consistency, you’ve got yourself a great big sunflower in bloom and isn’t it stunning!

Except.. it’s not always that easy is it? It’s hard to stay patient and driven with something that can take time. We want instant and we don’t want to fail and it’s because we are human. Accepting flaws in the system or embracing your battle against them? You decide.

So truth be told and without tooting my own horn so to speak, I know a thing or two about discipline.

The foundation of discipline firstly? If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you don’t/can’t? address it.. ‘I didn’t do that today’ so why?

What can you avoid when you start to faff — I’m a faffer, believe me, I sometimes start everything without finish just one thing first so again, I clock in with myself and mentally talk to myself, telling myself just to get something done.

I wasn’t much of a pen and paper/diary type myself but honestly, your goals, intentions, and actions become way more important when they are in front of you and needing to be ticked off.

Write down what you don’t like about the situation you’re in…What do you want to set for yourself.. what is stopping you? Where do you want to be? Writing down and making your thoughts real and out there can really help along the journey. You may come across your notes in the future too!

Which brings me to expectations. Have realistic expectations in yourself so that you achieve and want more achievement.. and with each time, you’ll push yourself harder! That goes for those around you too. Be kind and expect nothing back. It’s simply about doing your bit in life. Working on strengthening your mind and your body and working hard in creating a comfortable lifestyle by planting those seeds! I eat well, I exercise, I mediate and without sounding text book annoying I feel the best I have ever felt as a result of that. You start to make decisions and trust in them which is the be all and end all for discipline and creating your ideal world.

In life it has to be hard at first. It’s hard for everyone. Whether that’s starting a new job or learning to swim. I’m going to state the classic ‘Rome was not built in a day’ quote to you to really take in because you are Rome and you build and self-develop your life with each day.. it’s the journey that you take that truly matters and we are after all, in the present. Lay down those bricks for your future self.

And effort? What you put in you take out. whether you want it sooner or later. I guess it really is that simple. Being disciplined needs encouragement. Are you encouraging yourself here? Really pushing yourself? Then do what you can. It’s something after all and something is better than nothing.

And one last thing. Life is hard right now. So if you do drop everything to be with a friend, then go you! Being human is taking life as it is thrown at you like stones! By accepting it, you get hit.. but trying to catch them, you’ve got this!

human’s and the stars..