A Short Money-Manifestation Story You Need To Hear Today.

I don’t know about you but, well actually suppose I do know because we allllllll know that electric feeling you get after a good old self-development sesh like our way around our local supermarket and then almost too often, at least the same day — for me, I’m faced with the annoyance of self-doubt in someway or maybe something in your day just doesn’t go right and you question everything.
As someone who is fairly new in their conscious self-awareness journey I am reminded daily by not only myself but some around me that ‘manifestation’ is a load of dirty washing.
When we deal with everyday struggles and shifts, blocks we are trying to overcome or literally trying to keep our heads above water — me.. Then not only are we coming up for excuses as to why things don’t work out to make ourselves feel better but we are putting ourselves in to that energy of self doubt even more by focusing on it.
With doubt in immediate effect, take a few deep breathes in that moment and know that it’s natural for everyone to feel this way — it’ll pass.
Fall in love with your goals and see your accomplishments. FEEL that they are real and that this doubt is simply part of your success story just like the below example!
Yes I know, you probably feel like you’re racking your brains function by monitoring absolutely every move we make at every waking moment — I feel that a lot too sometimes, especially when things aren’t working out; So for those times I thought I would share a quick on-the-go, true and real success story to keep you going and take advantage of your mindset and it’s power.

So Jim Carrey. Love that guy.. honestly the face of the 90’s. It’s almost as if he was born to be an actor, I mean he was quite clearly but can you actually imagine anyone else as Lloyd in dumb and dumber?
However, if someone told Jim Carrey, whilst living in a van with his family that he was going to be a multi-million big time actor he would have quite literally spat his drink in to their face.
Truth is, Carrey and enough of being boo’d on stage and opened up his world.
He had always wanted to be successful but it wasn’t until he created the vision for his dreams.
He wrote up a very ambitious check for £10 Million dollars for himself for in exactly 10 years time. He looked at it everyday. He dealt with a lot of further rejections, self-doubt, a lot of punches in the face but he specifically focused on getting that gig and you know what’s coming don’t you? Ten years after that check he scored the Dumber and Dumber gig for Lloyd for 10 Million Dollars. Even I’m like HOW can it be like, that easy? Well for one, it’s not. It’s your dedication to that one goal that drives that mindset! He became clear on his goal and focused on that goal and so there was the outcome!

Vision it. Constantly. Your goal doesn’t have to be unrealistic but it has to be true to you.
Specify what you really want in your mind, because do you?
One of the oldest inspirational quotes in the book is quite simply:

You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it

If you are being vague you’ll get vague.
Give yourself a little goal to reach by the end of a week and focus on only that. Become obsessed with it but you have to believe you’ll get it and you’ll see the shifts too! See the success of those short little goals that will boost your confidence in setting those bigger goals! Let me know how you get on!

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