‘3 ways to change your life right now!’ (But really!)

1.Fake it until you make it
I hear you cry. Really.. and here is the trick.
Okay, fake it? shoot. I want you to do this the moment you wake up.
Pretend a camera crew is following you around documenting your success story.. What would you be doing?
Just for a day/a week. I mean, yes, in such a time it’s a little more difficult but time happens whether you like it or not. This pandemic is part of the story and this is part of that. Think of everyone you know in the audience, everyone who will read your autobiography if you’d like it to be a book.
This is your time to shine!
You’d do all of the right things, right? You’d want people to see you organised and in planning of your next big move.
Really act out as if one day you will be looking back at every moment of your journey. What would you like to be watching/reading?

2. Right, you’re 80 now, how do you feel?
Take yourself to a quiet place without any distractions, it’ll be more effective.
Close your eyes and imagine tomorrow is your 80th birthday.
You’re still functioning of course, independent, a little slower of course and enjoy an easy life. You think a lot about the past and sadly the future is a little more dull to think about then it use to be.
It’s overwhelming to think of I know.. but it’s going to really get you thinking about what you do now, I promise you.
Get a pen and paper and write, from your 80 year old self to the age you really are now. But really vision you being 80 remember.
So, what would they tell you? What do they regret not trying? Talk about your teens, your twenties. On the flip side you can talk about your 30’s-40’s and thanking yourself for pushing for your goals and creating the life in which you wish to live right now.
How does it make you feel?
When you’re in a state of being your actual age again, read it out and put it out there in to the universe.
If you’re lucky we are all getting older, whether you like it or not and so it’s important to insure you have the best time now!
Don’t live for anyone else and their expectations but your own. Ever.
Daily, when you’re stressed or sad.. remind yourself that your 80 year old self will tell you to get over it and have the best time you possibly can!
I swear this is one of my faves! And lastly..

3. Put a timer on for this one. And grab a pen and piece of paper!
Write 100 things you want to do in your life time, little and big things. Even tiny things! Just make sure you really go for it. Don’t think about the dreaded f word either (fear, obvi).
It’ll press down what you really want to do in to a little box and we will be having none of that.
Now, you’re open and ready and sitting with a pen and paper.
Put the timer on for like 10 minutes and don’t leave that spot until it’s done. Really think about the future and everything you possibly can.
Write them out.. everything.
Commit to 1 of them today and 3-5 things in the next month to stick to..
Perhaps write them out and put them somewhere where you can see them as a reminder. Insure there’s a good balance too, it’s up to you how adventurous you feel as it’s for your own gain!
Just make sure it’s part of a routine and not one off’s if possible — like exercising or drawing for 10 minutes every evening for a month!
Not only will this get you thinking about exactly what you want to do it’ll get you thinking about the specifics.
Those little and bigger goals will not only kick start your plan to really get yourself moving again after one hell of a year but it’ll also give you things right now to focus on and accomplish, resulting in a boost in confidence!

Try or 3 or start with 1 and I promise you, you’ll be full to the brim with ideas and action!
Let me know how you get on!

human’s and the stars..