I mean, in theory yes of COURSE it’ll be great if your partner/flatmate/someoneotherthanyou actually took the actual trash out (also — not American but trash sounds way more like, TRASH doesn’t it) but when it comes to actually taking your actual garbage out (ok last one..) then this has to be up to you.
So let’s see life on a daily basis. You wake up and you’re given with each day a tank full to the brim of energy! Some day’s a little less or whatever but a tank none the less.
You open your eyes, grab your backpack from the…

I don’t know about you but, well actually suppose I do know because we allllllll know that electric feeling you get after a good old self-development sesh like our way around our local supermarket and then almost too often, at least the same day — for me, I’m faced with the annoyance of self-doubt in someway or maybe something in your day just doesn’t go right and you question everything.
As someone who is fairly new in their conscious self-awareness journey I am reminded daily by not only myself but some around me that ‘manifestation’ is a load of dirty washing…

Are you ready for a rant? Well you’ve came to the right place because I’ve got plenty more where that came from because honestly, my pockets are bursting at the seams to tell you some bits I have been focusing on!
Firstly, and to cut the crap and throw a lil disclaimer out there - these articles are part of my own self-development journey. …

1.Fake it until you make it
I hear you cry. Really.. and here is the trick.
Okay, fake it? shoot. I want you to do this the moment you wake up.
Pretend a camera crew is following you around documenting your success story.. What would you be doing?
Just for a day/a week. I mean, yes, in such a time it’s a little more difficult but time happens whether you like it or not. This pandemic is part of the story and this is part of that. Think of everyone you know in the audience, everyone who will read your autobiography if…

Currently inspired by the book ‘You are a badass by Jen Sincero’

Vision this, I’ve bought a brand new bike, an orange, shiny and very fast, cool bike. I mean you get it.. the BEST bike ever. I invested. It was made just for me – proper personalised.
It’s a sunny day.. or a rainy day? It doesn’t even matter because I am well equipped because I’ve planned my bike ride out from the start.
I know that it can be rubbish out there sometimes but don’t you worry, these bad boy wheels have grip for days.
I’m riding along right, not entirely…

How you survive in lockdown 2.0 really is up to you.

How’re you using your time? Now I know what you’re thinking already.
Em, I really don’t need a lecture right now! Truth is, there is a positive in this and that is we really won’t ever get to experience a time in which we can finally slow down and rejig things — without the pressure. Perhaps you want to use this time to truly do nothing but be.. That’s okay but you know what? …

I know what you’re thinking,
‘Self love is not a bubble bath? *visions the most perfect bubble bath moment*
“what’s not to love about a lavender infused bubble bath on a wet Sunday afternoon, after a wholesome forrest walk with your partner who is now delicately singing Christmas songs downstairs as he begins making the perfect Sunday roast. — Hear me out.

Previously before beginning this article I’ve had a big realisation in the last 24 hours.
There is a big difference between momentary self-care to actual self-love.

My realisation came about when I recently and for the first time…

So say, you’ve got a couple of sunflower seed in your hand. They’re tiny specs in comparison to the rest of your garden but you’ve got it there none the less.. There you are, gardening gloves on and you’re ready to put Alan Titchmarsh to shame. You need a watering can, a lot of glistening sunlight and pouring rainfalls.. oh and a lot of patience too. With consistency, you’ve got yourself a great big sunflower in bloom and isn’t it stunning!

Except.. it’s not always that easy is it? It’s hard to stay patient and driven with something that can…

Well, human beings rule, skin cells that heal, two thousand taste buds and get this, did you know that the skull alone has 29 different bones?! As well as our insanely wonderful humanly traits we also have our faults that truly suck and inturn completely hold us back..

How many lighthearted motivational pep talk articles do you have to click on to actually get on with it? In reality, it’s bloody hard isn’t it? ’ — however, I will mention that you’re in luck! …

..The Pooh. Yes. The Winnie the Pooh. That yellow-furred, tenderhearted and affectionate Pooh bare is nothing short of a lyrical genius!

In the last year, meme’s have been surfacing, pointing out his honey-lovin, crop top vibin’ and self lovin’ existance — pretty great place to be Pooh bear!

Here are some of my very favourite quotes from the bare himself

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”

You’ll find a lot of the tales in Winnie the Pooh to be very heartfelt with deeper meaning, very much beyond the understanding of a child! This one is…

Emily Dowman-Latham

human’s and the stars..

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